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Created 21-May-16
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Thanks to the 126 Kewpie Alumni & Friends who helped me raise $10,200.00 to put "Mister Kewpie" and "Mighty Kewp" on the stage which made it possible for me to shoot this video tonight at the graduation of the Class of 2016 at Mizzou Arena, May 21, 2016....Go Kewpies! Thanks to all the donors who have supported www.kewpie.net since the Kewpie Gathering Place, the "best high school webpage on this planet" hit the internet in October of 1998!
Thank you all!!!
With Kewpish Regards,
Charley Blacmore, aka. Mr. Kewpie!

There is a maintenance fund to keep the new mascots in top notch condition and to add other outfits for our Kewpies. Please make your donation at http://kewpie.net/charley1/ourmascot.html​

Mister Kewpie & Might Kewp - Comin' Out Party

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Created 22-May-16
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Mister Kewpie & Might Kewp - Comin' Out Party